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raspberries, mango, blackberries
raspberries, mango, blackberries

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Danielle L. Mooney / Savage Wallflower

What do I need to remember? What do I need to learn?

Sitting up in my bed. The only sound is that of my fan and air purifier. Room lit by blue-light desk lamp, a string of lights around my pink moon phases tapestry, a yellow candle on my altar, and a white third-eye candle on my window seal.

skywork by danielle l. mooney 

It's a beautiful mood, sound and sight. I am reflecting on a reading. One part is on my mind at the moment.

Career and life's purpose. The reader mentioned I am really drawn to community and relationships. This, I have heard in other readings and in my own exploration of self. Yet, people and I have been an interesting concoction of experiences. Another thing that came up is being intuitive and a healer, they based this on my life path number and the IFA Reading. I've said in the past I want to utilize my studies and passion for the human mind, humanity, and stories that make a difference.


I dabble in filmmaking, mostly as a producer who longs to write beautiful scripts.


I fantasize about home design and being able to flip homes at an affordable rate and through grants and other sources of funding that allow transitioning and working families to have the home of their dreams at low or no costs to them.


I wonder what it'd be like to be an entrepreneur…a very successful one with the means to take sabbaticals to travel, write, study and just be. I wonder what it's like to be.....me, freely.

Which is my authentic self? Or which parts of the many facets are authentic? Where is the misalignment? What do I need to shed? What do I need to remember? What do I need to learn?

cue: Brandy - Sittin' Up in My Room (Official Video)

Thank you, Danielle!


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we made greens, and white bean soup, then it was the day before my birthday, and then it was my birthday and all i wanted was mango, raspberry, and blackberries and then my baby took me to see moulin rouge, and then dinner with very special people, and some very special gifts. 🙏🏿giving thanks for a sweet return

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