She'll always come back for me.

affirmations, bedtime bars, audio excerpts...let's go...

She'll always come back for me.

Nzingha here fam, heyyyy

I caved and decided to use a proper newsletter formatter to send out updates and wuvnotes.


Thank you for everyone that put a shirt order in. Shirts should be done by the first week of October. So excited to get mine!!

Today, I head to an appointment to see what’s going on with my creatinine levels.

When these levels are elevated, my understanding is that it means that your kidneys are not functioning as well as they should be.

Please send me your prayers today.

I hope more people can make it to the soak in September. It will be for the Harvest Moon.

It’s very low-key and it is always so lovely to see and hear everyone that’s able to get online.


One of my sisters never finishes an apple she starts or a salad she begins to eat.

She’ll take quite a few bites of the apple, or the salad, and then the rest goes in the fridge.

At our kitchen in Harlem, you’d see an apple, bitten through, on one of the shelves of an already crowded fridge.

As children, we spent a lot of time with a parent who was also a gardener. Between the gardener, mommy and Montessori school we learned that to waste not was to want not.

With each apple, salad, piece of chocolate bar, my sister conveyed the same message, that they’ll always come back for you.

I’ll always come back for you.

And for this I am grateful, and without much reason besides

that the baby cousin’s birthday is tomorrow,


I cue this sweet song Happy Birthday by Naza. Enjoy fam!

#AuraAuraOver Me

On this show we will go through different tips on healing on pregnancy on childbirth on peace and natural ways to be as healthy as possible natural ways to use the Earth to heal thyself. This podcast is by a neurocreative poet and it is for anyone that is interested in this particular topic. We are trusting that you are well and that you are ready for anything that is forthcoming in your life. #pregnancy #black #parenthood #herbs #healing