What They're Saying

We offer soak circles open to parents, community, friends and YOU. This is what past participants have shared with us...

  • Calm, Soothing, Generosity, Creative
  • It was relaxing and thank you! As a tarot reader and poet myself, it was great to hear blkcowrie talk about her experience.
  • Being together and listening and laughing and not feeling like anything needs to be completed. A beautiful opportunity to be with folx I love.
  • Just continue and have more. Bring back our community...Loved everyone!
  • I enjoyed this a lot -- every part...I loved the energy and the ritual, and the group. Good preparation for the full moon. Thank you!
  • This was really helpful. Having it on Friday was a good idea. I liked the live/taped aspects of it. blkcowrie was of course magnificent, specifically in the insights she shared about the divine. i appreciated how blkcowrie opened my understanding of the connections between energies. The lighting was great on the guest artist, the mic problem seemed to sort itself out, and when it was working the "no background noise" helped me dive deep into the voice leading the meditation. This was a well-organized and open flow. I felt a connection to the spirits of the other attendees. I will do another one of these, and spread the word. Thanks for the notes in the chat, I wrote them down. What a blessing this was, and I know it will stay with me. Thank you.
  • I loved the whole thing...
  • I wouldn't want to recommend it because the small crowd was perfect.
  • The profound opportunity to be together and not stress ye. I appreciate the way the facilitator counted down with grace not as a robot.🥰
  • Warmth, community, loving vibes, activities for body and blossom