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~No fear where there is love~

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~No fear where there is love~



Black & White Shot of our Full Moon Soak this past weekend. Thank you for hosting us Mama Fatima!
Zing wearing a grey sweatshirt, smiling waiting for a meal at Red Bamboo. Shot by my baby

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Last Ember is here!

This month’s faith-over-fear shea creme came together with this beautiful community-inspired playlist (major shout outs to Sis Aziza for their amazing ear for music).

  • Check it out on Spotify here: bit.ly/lastember
  • Check it out on YouTube here : bit.ly/lastember_
  • This creme is available by donation and handcrafted for you with love, prayer & courage, oils of shea, almond, avocado, apricot, coco, argan, grapeseed, sandalwood, rose, orange, melissa and fragrance.
  • Small-batch 12.1.22
RSVP for next month’s soak

Next month’s soak will take place on Saturday, January 7th at our home in the BX. We’re near Van Cortlandt Park. Once you RSVP, we’ll send you a calendar invite so you don’t forget! All are welcome.

Following Anxiety

I don’t play ANXIETY by Megan Thee Stallion often, but every time it plays I know exactly the dance move I want to make. I’d be standing and rocking my hips to one side. This is actually pretty much how Megan styles it on their recent SNL appearance.

It’s an unexpected move for a song about anxiety. Rocking my hips to my nervousness? Finding rhythm in these lyrics of black girls having bad days? Is Megan Thee Stallion asking us to full body an anxious moment? Asking us to rock with it, breathe through it? Are we being asked to find a corner on the dance floor and do that thing that we do?

This week, I’ve been pushed to show up in ways that for no clear reason have made me uncomfortable. Even at the soak that I organize, I felt like I wasn’t giving honest Nzingha. I was stuck in a confluence of worries about whether people were having a good time, and forgot to make sure I was having a good time. In some ways my anxiety got the best of me, but what I noticed was that I did get through that to the other side. The other side, being a set of incredibly rainy days in NYC; the other side being another full moon in December; the other side being loved by my soak family regardless; the other side sourcing and finding love in my baby. I mean, not to mix up my ratchet songs, we be BLESSED like Glorilla tho.

Anxiety in its tendency towards over-awareness may be asking me, asking us to wake up the best in us. Those butterflies fluttering to wake up the part of us whispering, you’re okay love, it’s okay dear.

~No fear where there is love~

~No fear where there is love~

~No fear where there is love~

Be in touch soon.

Nzingha the Alchemist