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New Moon Tea is here!

Plus, bedtime bars, straight outta dreams, and a video
New Moon Tea is here!
This time last year, Nzingha is pictured here checking out a backyard and apartment in the Bronx. Bx Life tho.

Peace fam!

Nzingha here - We’re trying a few formats out as well as frequency in terms of posting. We be writers, on a number of deadlines so some of our planned features will come later in the week, including Astral&Amazing. If this is your first time here, please:


Sidenote, I made a curry dish two nights ago. The next morning, I hesitated before downing a bowl of it for breakfast. Was that too early to eat curry? I mean, is it every too early for curry?


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1. #bedtimebars

In the shower, a few nights ago, I turned to face the snake plant on our bathroom window.

Almost five feet in length, this plant was a gift to me from my mother.

The plant reminds me what mommy left behind, especially in her last months, her last year on earth. Indeed, she left earth behind.

Mommy left earth, she left plant, she left tree, she left me…

As an extension of her.

As an extension of her.

As an extension of her.

4- to 5-foot Sansevieria plant in windowsill. This plant was given to me by my mother, Nonkululeko Alouwa Tyehemba.

2. straight outta #dreams

“There’s something I’d like to say to you before we begin speaking.”

“Hmmph? What is it?”

“I’m calling from my own number.”

“That’s an interesting thing to share why did you do so?”

“It’s something my spirit guide tells me that I now must say at all times.”

“A good practice...”

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