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Back of Book Scripts #2

Back of Book Scripts #2

A List of Scripts, of the Inspiring Sort.

Song of Harlem,


The light of Friday's Full Moon signifies the time of Harvest. Gather the collards, the yams and tubers. Gather, gather, gather.


  • I'm very grateful to everyone that I've been able to touchbase with recently. Seeing Nora and Eugene and other comrades at an event for the Cuban president, to walking through the rain with Tee, and checking in with one of my aunties. Friendship is a wrap of kindness and protection that I am thankful for.
  • Thank you to T.W. and Keba for their encouraging support with vending and businesssing.
  • Thank you to the color orange, a color I've shied from, but actually find quite endearing.
  • Thank you to Auntie Rhonda for checking in, and reminding me of the making of sisterhood.



From THE SERVICEBERRY / An Economy of Abundance, Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance – Robin Wall Kimmerer
As Robin Wall Kimmerer harvests serviceberries alongside the birds, she considers the ethic of reciprocity that lies at the heart of the gift economy.


If you can make it to Pleasantville, which I believe is just above Yonkers, NY check out the work of Andre D. Wagner at the Gordon Parks Foundation Gallery. Good stuff, tho!


  • Make a cup of chamomile tea. Let it cool. Add two to three drops of essential oil. Pour it in the container with the cotton pads. 
  • Label,  and use as facial toner  within 10 days
  • Chamomile is recommended to treat delicate skin while helping to rebalance it. The added tea trees and their natural antibacterial properties help prevent pimples and blackheads while gently cleaning the skin.
  • Feel free to use after you've washed your face


Reese is a fantastic artist and poet, so generous in sharing their scholarship with community. Please support them on their first trip to Senegal here.



Children's Book Pic: A Velocity of Being: Letters to A Young Reader

Art by Beatrice Alemagna for a letter by Adam Gopnik from A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader.


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There was a time, Mama, when I listened to a song over and over again. But you know about that, those moments when a song literally attaches itself to your ears. On my walk​s to the house in Harlem, or away from the house, I'd choose to play ​a song called Foolish by Ashanti. 

I remember, actually, that you had taken to liking the music of Lupe Fiasco. I'd leave you in the kitchen as you'd find your way to his music, which you found both uplifting and soothing and insightful. 

For me, in listening to Foolish, my entire self understood the croon. 

Was that a guitar that is making its way like a response through the song? When I shared with Tee, a friend, photographer and parent, why I played the song so much. She immediately reminded me, "it's a classic!" The song just helps me walk better, straighter, with more verve and flair.

This is much the way I imagine my husband feels listening to 50-cent on his way home. 

What up blood? What up cuz? What up thug? ​What up gangsta?  

Those four questions were the ones he murmured on his way in the house the other night.

It amused me…the song choice. He'd arrived late and so some might say the best thing would be to keep your eyes peeled for any bullshit ‘bout to pop off, but no. John had wrapped himself in his own protected way. A musical mantra of his own. 

In fact the three of us– myself listening to Foolish, Ma once listening to Kick, Push and John listening to What up Gangsta – remind me of what music is and what music does. 

It finds a chord in us and strikes it with satisfying plumb. So much so that we let go of one quality and cape another. Song then becomes moments of renewal. Of Let go. I let go of fear and cape with courage. Ma let go of stress and caped with cool. And John, well, John perhaps he was in fact letting go of the night to cape with the night.


Rich Heart

With Love & Gratitude,