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Full Moon in Blue: From NZ to YOU

Full Moon in Blue: From NZ to YOU
from National History Museum

The Moon is Full tonight fam! And because it is the second Full Moon this month, it is known as a blue moon.

This Blue Moon brings me to continue a practice of gratitude, of naming all for which I am grateful.

As we walked home from the Metro-North Harlem station on this past Sunday, I momentarily wondered if everyone had a good time. On the surface of it, we came back with a few good bushels of peaches. We got there safely, with little hassle or worry. And the children with us on Sunday appeared content, picking cabbages, apples, and nectarines - and of course peaches.

But still, I asked myself? Was the experience meaningful, was it a growth moment for myself and for the participants? In many ways, it was, and I had to remind myself that I’d pulled off this gathering for now the fifth year in a row. Though a bit smaller than the first and second year, similarly meaningful to those attending. So, I’ve asked myself to practice grace & gratitude even more.

I do wish to learn better skills of group facilitation and building. This is where despite my training in education, I could still just be much better. I think also identifying the groups of audiences that would best appreciate the various aspects of the individual offerings. All in all a beautiful day of peachpicking. 

Always wrapped in song - this week been listening to this one.

Find Me by Joseph Solomon

We’re wishing you a most peaceful, focused start to the new school-calendar year. This Saturday, join us if you can at a Saturday Morning Soak. It’s a community call, with meditation and a moment to soak your hands or feet. For those interested, you can find Song of Harlem by TWIN on Instagram and on Youtube as well.

Wishing you all the best, 

With love, 


Big Thank Yous from NZ

  • To Fati and fam for coming through to Peach & Possibility ‘23 
  • To Jenea for their consistent encouragement and love
  • To the expecting parents out there, navigating new waters with intention & courage
  • To the DJs at United We Dance, a dance party at LPR in NY for doing a great set
  • To the One Most High for continued guidance and grace

☂ Upcoming Gathering / Soak on Saturday September 2, 2023

Saturdays at 7:30 AM EDT

Google Meet joining info

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/bte-wrzp-oar

☂ Community Sharepoints

  • Upcoming One Breath Rising Reading with Joanna McFarland - they’ ll be reading from their new collection Pullman.  Using the backdrop of the Pullman porters, the book examines the relationship between America's past and present, touching on the slave narratives of Harriet Jacobs and JoAnne's father, who was a songwriter for Aretha Franklin.

  • RWW is accepting applications to their Upcoming Writer’s Retreat for Storytellers of Color. Please see more here.

  • Upcoming Reproductive Justice Conference in Baltimore - September
    • This looks like a great conference - I hope some folks can make it.

  • POC Yoga at Iyengar Yoga Institute (13th Street, NYC)
    • Saturdays, POC at 12:30pm  - Register on the site here.

  •  Chia-Ti is offering a Yoga Journey to Nepal with Chia-Ti - Find out more here 
    • Visit temples, villages, and monasteries
    • Hike in the Himalayas and hang out with elephants and rhinos
    • Take in the spiritual and physical beauty of this magnificent country

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NZ and friends at a recent birthday dinner. 

2019 - 2023 - Peach & Possibility by TWIN

Be back with you soon!

With Love & Gratitude,