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From NZ to You: Poetry · Gathering · Media

From NZ to You: Poetry · Gathering · Media

Date: August 18, 2023 / New Moon

Big Thank Yous from NZ

  • To Fati for organizing ourselves for an outdoor movie night
  • To all new annual members of our newsletter
  • To Fiona for preparing an itinerary for an upcoming trip to Senegal
  • To Sis Aziza, Dwana, Makeba, Jordan, Danni and blkcowrie for offering a new approach to editing and presenting PRETTY BLACK our New Orleans documentary project

Don't Forget to put in your SHEA Creme requests

  • Please place your request here.

Hip Hop Tales is out with a new book

  • Hip Hop is 50, YO! SleuthPro is out with a guest tales edition. Pick up a copy here.

Reproductive Justice Conference in Baltimore - September

  • This looks like a great conference - I hope some folks can make it.

Become a Member

  • For those that can, please consider becoming a member. You'll receive a jar of specially-made creme for you and your loved ones. This is one of the best and easy ways to show your support. Your engagement helps us continue to build forward.

Writing / New Media / Gathering Opportunities

Check out New Media below

ibz / Righting the Night / premiere / twin.cafe / @songofharlem__

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Gathering Opportunities

What: Peach Picking - 2023

  • When: This Sunday, August 20th
  • Where: DuBois Farm
  • How: Metro-North to Poughkeepsie
  • How: Reply to this message, or text NZ

Be back with you soon!

With Love & Gratitude,

NZ Hazelton


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