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Back of Book Scripts #3

Back of Book Scripts #3

A List of Scripts, of the Inspiring Sort.

Peace Song of Harlem,

On our last night in New Mexico, we took the Rio Metro, a commuter train, to Albuquerque from Santa Fe. Upon arrival, with no clear destination in mind, we found ourselves chatting with an Uber driver that had recently moved there from San Diego, citing better costs of living. They dropped us off at a place called The Farmacy in the Nob Hill District of Albuquerque. They said as long as we're at the airport by nightfall, that we should be okay. Well, with the Farmacy closed, we searched for the next seemingly neutral space which had us searching for a cafe. Cafe Zin popped up in Google Maps and appeared to be just a few blocks away.

By now, night was fallling, and we had all our bags from our journey with us. The store owner, buzzed us in and boy were we encouraged to see her smile, a lit crescent of relief, and crystals, sage, monstera plants and incense. Their name was Tara. We talked for an hour or so, drinking tea and iced coffee. I picked up a howlite stone ring and tourmaline ring. We talked on Santa Fe, on community, on starting cafes and poetry events. Later Tara explained how some in the area found her and her business as a tarot reader, Florida water maker, and crystal jeweler.

What do you know about sage?, they'd ask. About juniper? What you doing with that stuff? That's ours. Why you burning sage and palo santo?

To create space, obviously. To purify soul, obviously, to set a spiritual stage, obviously. I mentioned this to one of my sisters and she cried in jest, "oh no, not fighting over sage!"

This is what did worry me. That we might fight over wisdom than dance in its light; that we might fight over land than sing in delight; that we might fight over God than breathe a cool air, fight over fields than teach, fight over gardens than work to grow them.

I don't know as much as I'd like about certain political issues, but what frightens me is how little we all know about Palestine, about Israel. Conflicts on conflicts have given way as many fights do to slippery memories. I trust that we can all hold space for all people intimately affected by this conflict.

And may we burn our sage in peace.

With love,



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