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Back of Book Scripts #1

Back of Book Scripts  #1

A List of Scripts, of the Inspiring Sort.

Song of Harlem, peace! The Moon is New tonight!


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Loving You Different

As we approach the new moon this evening, another lunar cycle begins.

Why have the moons so pulled me? Is it that my mama and older sister had us calling the red part of our cycle, our moon-time since we were age nine or ten? Is it because this method of timing life, and projects in these two-week intervals just works for me? Wasn't fortnight a Wordly Wise word?

When I've taken a moment to scour the web for tools and tips for understanding the new moon, what comes up most frequently is naming your said intention. Be it an intention to drink more water, to dance more, to make an effort to understand someone better, to make an appointment with the eye doctor, to say to your loved ones I love you.

It can, yes, be very effective to marry an intention with the timing of the new moon. In this way as the moon fills out and soon becomes full, so does the energetic surrounding your named intention. A cycle, a circle, beginning, becoming full, lessening, becoming empty, beginning again.

This new moon I received a new way of understanding what it can mean to leave something behind, what it can mean to let go. This new moon I intend to love different.

I can still hold you, but as this new moon begins, I choose to love you different.

Maybe it is also a matter of placement.

Instead of holding as a tiger does, by its nape, between its teeth,

Maybe I'll hold you like mama held me, by her assurance, in the crook of her arm

It may be, as a work facilitator said today, more about changing my relationship to what is left behind versus flat leaving that thing behind. 

In this leaving behind, in this changing of relationship, the body can yes evolve, can yes, see itself anew. 

Can I be all things zing? Can I be a god dream? Can I be a queer dream? A love dream? A blackness dream, a vision's dream? Can I be acceptance and can I be refusal?

Behold, you can be. 

For me, when do I enter this very dream? Where do I enter this very dream? What self or selves center in this very dream? What self or selves are the main character of this very dream? If I've left a self or selves behind, how can I press forward in knowing that my/our evolution is very much tied to shedding.

For now, self, or many selves, for now you are the making of me, but you are not me; for I have left you behind.

With Love & Gratitude, 


who dat tho?