About Aura Aura Over Me

‌This is Aura Aura Over Me a community and newsletter by me Nzingha Nomsa Taiwo Tyehemba, founder of The Writer is N. Aura Aura Over Me is my way of highlighting the arts of poetry, gathering and media.

Currently, our community gatherings are bi-monthly and newsletters for this year are released on the New Moon and the Full Moon of each month.

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You can become a TWIN of Aura Aura Over me for $3/month. Here's why you might do that:

  • You'll receive quarterly goodies, including shea creme, gifts and zines, curated playlists, links, and insights.
  • You gain access to body and soak, where you can participate in our soak circles and community.
  • Your memberships helps me spend more time on Aura Aura Over Me. The more members that join, the more soak circles I'll organize and the more features I'll build on this site. We'll also be sharing our roadmap soon, so please look out for that.


Where is my password?

There are no passwords. Every time you want to log in, you enter your email address and the system emails you a magic link. Let us know if you run into any trouble.

About Nzingha

‌‌Nzingha Nomsa Taiwo Tyehemba is a neurocreative poet, operations professional and artist-educator. We have led grassroots organizations and facilitated full moon soaks for parents, families, and artists for over three years.

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