About NZ

NZ Tyehemba


NZ Tyehemba is a neurocreative poet, operations professional and artist-educator who has led grassroots organizations and facilitated full moon soaks for parents, families and artists for over two years. Nzingha grew up in Harlem, NY, went to secondary and undergraduate in Western Massachusetts, and spent her early adulthood in Senegal, Ghana, New Orleans and Cuba. As an artist-educator, they use poetry as theory to build community in a multifaceted and multi-circular fashion.

Nzingha received her Bachelor's in Black Studies from Amherst College and obtained her Master’s in Adolescent Special Education from the City University of New York - Hunter College. She is the founder of the The Writer is N | TWIN Cafe. Through TWIN,  Nzingha coordinated the efforts of a group of artists in creating a twenty-eight part multilingual poem, titled A Fearless Spring. Nzingha led the translation of this poem into asante-twi, amharic, spanish, kreyól, wolof, griotLITE and french. She is a daughter of the late midwife-activist, Nonkululeko Alouwa Tyehemba.