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A weekday recipe

affirmations, blueberries and a poem
A weekday recipe

peace fam,

Nzingha here with weekdaylove filled with

  • pieces of a poem (audio)
  • & weeknight recipes

On Deck

  • Friday, 9/26: Astral & Amazing with blkcowrie blossom for the New Moon
  • Saturday, 9/10 - Full Moon Foot Soak #soaklife
blueberry cobbler pre-oven

pieces of a poem

1×0:00-0:54Eve after evening, part I I slept with her all night. She wore a white dress, Flashing indigo. Head hooded Naturally. Click. I raised the Light to see her better She braced herself to Enter this room. Situated She sat and I slept Heart open for her to cut through. I slept with her all night. Finally she Rose and lay Beside me. I got close quick Sealing myself s like to the Back of her frame. Spoon Secure I fell into a coma. She barely moved as dream My bae child rolled around. EEEYa...

weeknight recipes



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