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A Sister's Eve

Year In Review, Gratitude, Photos, Recipes & More
A Sister's Eve
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This afternoon, we’ll join together for A Sister’s Eve. We’ll take a short walk, have warm cider and salad, dive into short study and composition. Please reach out to Nzingha if you’re able to stop by here in the Bronx!


This community of readers, of writers, of dancer, of poets, of black folk, of indigenous folk, we thank you, of queerfolk, of heterofolk, of style architects, of long distance runners, of organizing activists, of book worms, we thank you, of culinary artists, of migrants, of citizens, of poverty born, of the never meant to survive, of winged dreamers, we thank you, of mothers with children, of mothers without children, of storymakers, of storytellers, of the neurodivergent, of the gifted, of the unmothered, of sisters, of elders, of youth, we thank you, of Afrofuturists, of revolutionaries, of archivists, of filmmakers, of master gardeners, of master braiders, of master crafters, of midwives, we thank you, of hood-born, of yardie dem, of dreamtellers, of femme, of masculine, of goddess, of stardust, of healers…

…We thank you for rocking it out with us for a tumultuously beautiful year.

Y’all ready for the peace of ‘23?

The serenity it will bring…the calm, and opportunities for solitude and meditation?

Y’all ready for the love here there and everywhere?

This community brings me so much joy, and we thank you for the opportunity to share the journey with you.

We’ve shared below our year in review, a few more photos and recipes, and the makings of a new poem.

Onwards, forever after,