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First Flowers, Pink Moon

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First Flowers, Pink Moon


Place a few drops of essential oil in a carrier oil like almond oil

Photographer: Erika Kapin | Zing takse s a moment to massage John's foot with oil, just prior to soaking in a bath of rose petals and stalks of lavender. 

If you're soaking your hands or feet, rub that oil over your hands / feet.

Photographer: Erika Kapin | Zing and John pepraring to dance a bit.

If you're soaking your body, rub that oil over your body.

drip life. bracelet set & necklace by @stateofbeading

Now, let's get the water ready.

*hugs*, 📷 by shtira

Run water in to your bath or container that's not too hot, not too cold.

graffiti wall in vancouver

Drop a bit of essential oil in to the water.

checkmate tho, 📷 by shtira

Add in a little cinnamon powder to the water


Turn on a playlist of music to listen


Soak your hands, feet or body for ten to fifteen minutes

💜💜💜, 📷 by richard louissant

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Despite the snow on these the Canadian Rockies, Spring is HERE my dears,




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